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Par Steve Marier

Today, I celebrate my 3rd anniversary, rejoicing in my rebirth to life.

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September 2nd, 2014

Today, I celebrate my 3rd anniversary, rejoicing in my rebirth to life.

Three years ago this very day, my doctors announced that I had a degenerative and incurable heart disease.

The somber verdict, or sentence, was one of 6 months to live, at best 1 year, with a little luck.

The only treatments proposed were chemotherapy, to slow the progression of the disease, while waiting for a heart transplant.

The problem was that, in my case, the transplant operation only had a 10% chance of success. Having already been through more than a dozen orthopedic surgeries related to my arthritis, I knew all too well what awaited me if I chose to submit myself to these procedures.

I refused any and all medical interventions. I no longer wanted to suffer for the sake of science. I decided to accept my fate, to accept that death is a part of life. I let go and put my faith in the divine. I abandoned myself to living life.

Receiving such a diagnosis could have been the worst possible news ever. By choosing to accept it, however, I actually transformed it into a gift.

Unbeknownst to them, the doctors had given me a great gift. One of realization that, if, in fact, they were correct and I only had 6 months to live, then I needed to live each day, each hour and every minute to the maximum. To live the present moment, with gratitude and appreciation. To be thankful for each day I was given to live. To be grateful to be able to breathe, touch, taste, feel and to love.

The power of this gift is that it made me realize that death is always by our side, at every moment of our existence.

We forget that this could be our last day on Earth. This may be the last sunrise, or sunset we ever get to contemplate. We might be savouring our last delicious meal. We take for granted the gift of life, and forget that this could be the last chance we have to say: “I love you” to someone dear to us.

I am fortunate to know that I can no longer deny or ignore the existence of death. It is a constant presence in all the moments of my life. As it is, in fact, for every one of you too.

Before, I was content to look with my eyes. Today, I see with my soul.


Three years ago, life winked at me and I chose to wink right back, by embracing it at every turn.

Today, it is I, who is winking at you… It is up to you to make a decision now.


Thank you life… Be Happy, Love.








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    Dans toutes les langues du monde tes paroles nous touchent tellement x
    Un cadeau pour notre âme x
    Je t’aime xxxxxxxxxxxx

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